Friday, March 19, 2010

Sidelined This Week

A nasty cough and cold have kept me pretty much indoors this week, except for a bit of cleanup around the grounds.

I think a series of small crises wore me down and made me susceptible to getting sick. The PC got a virus, our water was shut off, the phone line went down and I am trying to get used to new formats on the repaired PC. These were just the most recent - there has been something or another going wrong since early December. I always say I never get sick and I very seldom do, but this time my luck ran out.

Sorry to be missing meetings this week, but take my word for it, you would not want me around.



Blogger Professor R. Williams said...

Hey, Bernice,

Although you are sick, I do hope you were able to go outside to enjoy at least a little bit of the good weather! Remedy: ginger tea and honey!



3:08 PM  

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