Thursday, April 01, 2010

Green Endorses Incumbents for Re-Election

First Ward Councilman William Reid and Councilman Rashid Burney, representing the Second and Third Wards at-large, received support of Plainfield Democratic Party Chairman Jerry Green Thursday for the June primary.

Green announced his support at a meeting of the Democratic City Committee. The filing date for the primary is April 12.

Green also called on the committee to back Plainfield Councilwoman Linda Carter as a Union County freeholder candidate. Plainfielder Rayland Van Blake failed to get the party's support for a second term as freeholder.

While Green preached unity, he also allowed two challengers for the City Council seats to speak. They are Rebecca Williams and former City Councilman Don Davis, both seeking the Second and Third Ward seat.

In remarks to the committee, Reid traced his career from being an appointee in December 2007 to winning an election in 2008 and noted he has attended every council meeting except for a time in January 2009 when he was ill. Reid said he voted "no" on the FY 2010 budget because he felt laying off people in the present economy was "the wrong thing to do."

Burney highlighted his early involvement with the campaign to elect Barack Obama as president, saying his support preceded the Democratic Party's support. He cited Obama's insistence on having a plan as an example for Plainfield in proceeding with development. The city is currently engaged in a "visioning" process for Transit Oriented Development.

Williams detailed her extensive campaign experience, mostly with "New Democrat" candidates who were later subsumed into the Regular Democratic Organization.

"It's my time. I feel I have worked hard enough to earn a ticket to the show," she said.

Davis fervently expressed his love of Plainfield and said after he met with constituents on their concerns, "I was their voice."

No vote was taken on the candidates.

Green finished up by saying he opposed having any more affordable housing or low-income housing in Plainfield and that he would rely on builders' advice in the future.

An analysis of District 22, including Plainfield, he said, reveals that it is mostly "a working class district."

Green said the district, including Plainfield, may have to face budget realities, including cuts to police budgets.

--Bernice Paglia


Blogger Rob said...

The fact that Reid said no to the budget simply because laying off people in this economy is the "wrong" thing to do says volumes. Anyone who would vote for him would have to believe higher taxes with no belt tightening is the way to go - ie: Status quo, tax and spend mentality. I am sure my bosses believe laying off people is wrong, but they would be out of business had they not done it.

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Alan Goldstein said...

Let us advise the builders, and that they should rely on us, and we for ourselves and each other.

The candidates for the 'line' should have been introduced impartially, given the opportunity to make their case, and the choice based on a vote of the party committee. Remember, these 68 committee members are our representatives who we, the people, elected. Democracy is a ground-up affair, not a top-down diktat.

The Democratic City Committee needs to stand on its feet so Plainfield can walk the right path. There was a lot of that a few years ago when a grassroots movement walked the beat and spoke with our neighbors about the change we needed. The 'Party' was nowhere to be found then. That 'Party' just lost the governorship. That 'Party' nearly lost District 22!

Because we don't speak for ourselves. As Rashid Burney noted, we've got the plan. It's in outline form. We hashed it out in the most democratic way amongst neighbors at the Visioning presentation, and need to do that more. I think it needs to be business oriented, first and foremost to create good-paying skilled jobs right here in town for our working class heroes.

Plainfielders need to keep talking, and walking. Some do it because they sense that is what is needed if we are to induce change. Some don't because they are waiting. They're waiting to be told what to do by some higher authority, the so-called Party line. But as the election of 2008 showed, change comes when you have the guts to get out there and do it for yourself, for all of us not to wait on high.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with both points. Assemblyman Green, you said no new low housing. Period. Keep your work. Developers have no interest in Plainfield except to make money, and they will create anything to do that. Low housing, no housing (Monarch), good housing, or bad housing. I live in Plainfield, I have the say.

I agree that Reid's vote not to lay off people is a noble one. However, how many of those people live in Plainfield? So you prefer to displace hundreds of people who were born and raised here for people who may or may not live in Planfield? Good man, but the real issue is that Don Davis is not a better choice. Too bad there isn't someone in the First Ward who understands the dynamics of budgeting and is willing to run. Sad for the first ward.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These politicians are all alike. They say and vote the way they do when it means "possible" votes. It won't go their way this time around. Plainfielders are fed up with this nonsense. Green must also know that this is his last term. Those who "defraud" the innocent will be exploited.

11:35 PM  

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