Monday, May 03, 2010

Time for a Change?

Plaintalker is coming up on two milestones.

Posts will soon number 2,400 and the blog's fifth anniversary is in early June.

As much as I hate change, these factors are nudging me toward creation of a successor blog. It will probably not have all the fancy stuff that Barbara Todd Kerr put on Plaintalker, but it will still be a hyperlocal blog about Plainfield.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! And I have enjoyed every minute of reading your blog. Thank you again for your dedication to making Plainfiled better.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Time for a Change" -- the theme of Harold Mitchell's mayoral campaign.

3:18 PM  
Blogger olddoc said...

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it"
sfirrYour service to Plainfield is without equal. When facts are required you can be depended upon posting non biased material. When you post an opinion blog you make it clear that it is your position. And I can't imagine anyone posting a greater picture than today's shot of North Ave.

4:48 PM  

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