Saturday, October 27, 2007

About Plaintalker

I don't know how a simple entry on Plaintalker got blown up into a major brouhaha described as a "relentless stream of negativity by a handful of citizens" using "speculation" and "rumor" for "political reasons."

I do know that blogs in Plainfield tend to get lumped together, partly because one includes the content of others. For the record, Plaintalker mainly tries to present factual information on city issues, along with some gardening stuff and commentary. Keeping track of redevelopment, City Council doings and most recently the changes in the school district have been primary goals of this blog. I have been told that since it began in June 2005, Plaintalker has become a trusted news resource to many readers.

Click here to see how Plaintalker marked the PMUA's 10th anniversary.

As blogs go, Plaintalker falls into the "hyper-local" category, closely covering just one city. Some such blogs have come about as other media have turned away from consistent tracking and reporting of events and decisions that affect the lives of residents. The blog is an uncompensated effort to provide context on subjects such as what is happening downtown, the city's changing population, its celebrations and its concerns. Keeping the respect of my readers is very important to me. And that's all I have to say.

--Bernice Paglia


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