Monday, May 12, 2008

Please Question Budget Transfers

I hope somebody will be able to get explanations for the budget transfers at tonight's City Council meeting. The list is posted on Rashid Burney's web site. The $85,000 for salary and wages in the Department of Public Works & Urban Development is especially worthy of inquiry. Maybe there is a simple explanation.

--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a question about Watertrol, which won the contract to finish the city hall exterior. Of the five bids, theirs came in at roughly half of the highest bid. I was curious about how their bid could come in so low. What happens if they have underbid just to get the contract and then (all of a sudden!) the work becomes much more expensive?? It should not be lost on residents that this company and its prinicipals have contributed thousands and thousands of dollars to Jerry Green(he got $3,600 in 2005 alone!), Linda Stender, Lesniak, Cohen and to the Union County democrats over the past few years. They even gave a little money to some republicans--but about 1/10th what they have given to Dems. The city council needs to answer this question. Pay to play or not?

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