Monday, May 12, 2008

Scenes from the International District

The banner says Chinatown at the top, but "International District" at the bottom is more apt, as many Asian cultures are represented here.
This gate welcomes visitors.
Dragons on telephone poles mark the district.
This simple gate is the entry to one of Seattle's many community gardens.
Rustic benches and lecterns are near the entrance.
Small individual plots are tended by the gardeners. This garden is mostly vegetables and herbs. Others around the city include lots of flowers.
The terraces rise up the hill. Note the improvised fences made of wood, old refrigerator shelves or whatever comes to hand.
Community gardeners grow crops for themselves and some to share.
At the top, a view of Safeco Field and Elliot Bay to enjoy between garden chores.

Seattle has many distinctive neighborhoods. Since moving to Seattle, Audrey and Peter have lived in the University District, Capitol Hill, Mount Baker and now the Seward Park neighborhood. Others include my beloved Fremont, Ballard, Queen Anne, Medina (where Bill Gates lives), Green Lake, Wallingford and many more. It's fun to explore each one, and I hope each reader gets the chance sometime to enjoy this very exciting place!

I expect to be back in the Queen City tomorrow. I hope the wind and rain will be gone at your end by then. Our weather has been lovely - maybe we swapped!

--Bernice Paglia


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