Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vacation's Over

Thanks to all who made my first vacation in three years extremely enjoyable. Audrey and Peter freed me of all cares and responsibilities for my Mother's Day-birthday weekend and many people wished me well. The contrast between a carefree time and the normal quotidien duties offers a lot to think about. (Like how not to have to do as much work when I'm not on vacation.)

I will not be shedding the blog as one of my responsibilities, but may file less often. I am heartened to see so many bloggers now focusing on aspects of life in the Queen City, raising questions and getting answers. I think the city will ultimately be better for the increased scrutiny. Readers who comment also have added a lot to the conversation about how we can improve our civic life and hold our elected representatives more accountable. Let's keep talking!

Sorry to say, but the new web site format of the Courier News unfortunately exposes the thin news and feature content on Plainfield. We need more, and some bloggers have taken up the challenge to bring out information as well as opinions and insights on city doings. From what I hear, physical participation at public meetings has not increased (except on Muhlenberg issues), but residents appreciate what the newsgatherers bring back to put on the blogs.

Bloggers can add images and links at will to enhance narratives and can do hyperlocal journalism just by walking around. Not all news happens at press conferences!

So now that I am back, I appreciate both my vacation experience and my Queen City blogger colleagues all the more. Plaintalker will be three years old in mid-June, but you can be sure I will not wait another three years to take a break.

--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!!!


8:48 AM  
Anonymous Laura said...

Welcome back Bernice! I hope you had a wonderful vacation, and thank you for sharing the great pictures.

8:50 AM  

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