Friday, March 06, 2009

Planning Board Report to Follow

Two late nights have worn me out, so a full report on Thursday's Planning Board meeting will have to be done tomorrow.

To sum up, developer Frank Cretella's projects under various corporate names have received approvals that potentially could put dozens of apartments and stores downtown, in addition to the current vacancies. There are lots of questions to be explored, but maybe the economic downturn will allow plenty of time to sort things out before it all comes together.

I must applaud the volunteer land use officials who sit through all this persiflage, as well as the very few citizens who appear to bear witness to the hearings and decisions. JS and SG, kudos. More later.

--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Persiflage'- Bernice. . . .hmmm

I had to blow the dust off of the Webster for that one.


3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems like some people that responded to some of the blogs that are posted in the City remind me of individuals that have no respect for their fellow neighbor, much less themselves. To complain about the church community, yet in still, I don’t hear about the blogs complaining about any of the additions of the downtown area when it comes to individuals laying in the gutters, standing on the corners, and making our City look bad. Or even the gang activities in the downtown area. That is because some of the New Democrats depend on some of the Hispanic support, like Flo Gonzalez.

I’m shocked you blame Assemblyman Green for supporting churches, when in reality, you want to make that sound like a crime. The last couple of murders in the downtown area have come from Hispanic-on-Hispanic activity. Also, these individuals should be happy to support church organizations that want to bring unity, love, and respect to the community, and you want to criticize that.

Yet when the New Dems look to support a Half-Way house in the downtown area, and they blame Asm. Green for Muhlenberg’s closing, which isn’t working across the State because everyone knows no one worked harder than he did on that issue. When the Park Hotel is now filled with people from Cory Storch’s organization, the Half-Way houses in the 2nd ward filled, again Cory’s organization was responsible for finding these houses (whom were later taken off the tax rolls), no one said ANYTHING about that. His family made a living off finding group homes for the organization he works for, eventually getting these homes taken off of the tax rolls!

So for 8 years under the past administration, we’ve allowed these types of activities to get out of control, now we want to complain about a church aimed at helping to move the community in the right direction. These individuals should realize that someone is watching all of us, and I’m just happy that I realize that to please God instead of people will get me a seat in heaven, and not Sheol!

4:41 PM  
Blogger Bernice said...

OK, I am posting the above comment in the interest of indicating the level of discourse going on here.I suspect this political season will be rife with slings and arrows and sound and fury, the whole trick bag if you will, so voters beware.

5:43 PM  
Anonymous joanna cassidy said...

this is for anonymous at 5.43pm. what are you talking about?you don,t hear anyone talking about,people in the gutters and people standing on the corners? and make plainfield look bad? most blogs have talked about this issue several times.where have you been?and dont make me laugh.jerry green has done nothing for this city,as far as i can tell.i took a walk around certain parts of plainfield this afternoon,with a good friend of mine.i bet you would not want 2 see what i saw.buildings falling apart,with no roofs ,and no floors.take a look around the plainfield train station.i am surprised anyone is taking the train.and leave flor gonzalez out of it-at least she is trying.are you?

6:06 PM  

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