Saturday, October 03, 2009

IT Hire Imminent

There have been so many twists, turns and delays in paving the way for an Information Technology director that I thought I had lost my mind when I saw in my files an ordinance passed on first reading with no second reading to be found.

Upon further investigation, I found that while MC 2009-11 went nowhere, MC 2009-18 indeed passed on two readings. The second reading was Sept. 14, so the 20-day time frame to take effect should be just about now.

The final exact title approved was "Manager 1 Information Processing Level 1," with a lengthy job description posted at the state web site on personnel titles. The city's needs are slightly different, as the new IT person will be expected to monitor communications on Channel 96 as well as tending to the city's web site and fostering general online interactions among the city's many divisions.

One thing that held up past attempts to pass the ordinance was the suspicion that the job was being tailored to a certain individual, something the administration denied.

Still, members of the City Council's IT Committee recently asked whether they would be able to take part in the hiring process once the new ordinance passed. City Administrator Marc Dashield's answer was an emphatic "no," which is correct, given the division of authority between the executive and legislative branches.

The question still echoes the concern that the appointment will not be totally objective, but may have political aspects. The appointment will be taking effect in the waning three months of the mayor's current term. While New Jersey political wisdom suggests that a Democratic primary winner is invincible in the general election, the Nov. 3 results are still unknown.

All shall be revealed in coming weeks. Let's hope it is a plus for the city and not just a big payday for a pre-determined candidate.

--Bernice Paglia


Blogger Rob said...

It will be a big payday for a predetermined candidate. Mayor Jerry and Assistant Mayor Sharon wouldn't have it any other way. Let's revisit the issue 1 year from now. I would LOVE to be wrong. Unfortunately, I believe I have a better chance of winning MegaMillions.

8:52 PM  

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