Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Meeting Notes

Redbud on East Sixth Street.

The City Council covered enough territory for several blog posts last night. Plaintalker will post separately on the demolition issue. Late into the meeting, the mention of having six horses used for a campaign event was enough to stop folks from nodding off. The permit with details is not yet on file in the City Clerk's office, but the concept seems curious, given what comes to mind when thinking of horses. City Administrator Bibi Taylor recommended that a council resolution granting permission for the use of horses should include a "pooper-scooper" clause. Councilman William Reid also wanted a clean-up required, as well as the customary liability insurance and reimbursement for any extra police presence. The applicant, former Councilman Al Hendricks, wants permission granted at the April 12 meeting for the April 16 event.
As Dr. Yood noted, Councilwoman Linda Carter took part via a phone connection and gave a report from the City & Neighborhood Services committee. Reports of council committees will be posted on the city web site. As previously noted by Plaintalker, these reports are a bit cumbersome to cover on a blog, so check www.plainfield.com for full reports.
The City Council is still looking for a free, local site for a retreat, since new rules from the state preclude out-of-town stays. Council President Annie McWilliams is leading plans for the retreat.
Corporation Counsel Dan Williamson gave statistics that, he said, show the city is not in violation of a residency requirement. Members of the Plainfield Municipal Employees Association questioned why workers who live in the city were laid off while outsiders kept their jobs.
Williamson said of 209 regular employees, 134 live in the city and 75 are non-residents. When the ordinance was passed in 2002, he said, six employees were given waivers and 15 others were exempt because they possessed special skills. Fire and Police division employees are exempt from residency requirements, he said, but of 100 firefighters, 53 live in the city and of 145 police officers, 57 are Plainfield residents.
"It appears the city of Plainfield is in good shape" regarding the ordinance, Williamson said.
There was also a discussion of the budget timetable for FY2011, which will require a separate post.
More later.


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