Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Off the Hook Tonight

This is a double entendre - I found out I was off the hook to attend the Zoning
Board of Adjustment meeting because the case I was most interested in was postponed.
So instead of trudging to City Hall Library for yet another public meeting, I will be able to stay home and listen to one of my favorite WBAI programs, "Off the Hook" at 7 p.m.
Off the Hook is hosted by Emmanuel Goldstein, and deals with hacking. Although I have in the past subscribed to 2600, the Hacker Quarterly, most of it went over my head. Still, I appreciate the group's challenges to communication rules and I have made many a pledge to support the program. I must by now have a complete set of large "Off the Hook" T-shirts to serve as nightgowns in case I ever get incarcerated in a hospital room.
(Note to Off the Hook: Where's the new design that I pledged for?)
Emmanuel and his group give really good advice on telephonics as the times change so rapidly. Emmanuel himself has traveled the world to see how other people deal with communication. His phone-ins from remote places are extremely informative.
As the world changes, such information is vital to understanding a global perspective, because the past national barriers have been down for a while.
If you miss tonight's show, you can always tune in next week or access the WBAI archive to see what Off the Hook is all about.


Blogger Rob said... are so off the hook..they had to put you back on the hook...that my friend is REALLY off the hook!

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