Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Approach, Personnel Changes Coming

In his first news release, new Information Coordinator Eric Jones describes a retreat for school administrators conducted by Dr. Steve Gallon III, the new superintendent.

Gallon sets forth a “systems thinking approach” based on ideas of Peter Senge in his book, “The Fifth Discipline.” Online I ran across a summary of the book and thought it was worth a link if it is to be a linchpin of the new superintendent’s tenure. Click here for the summary.

Jones is the former president of the Plainfield Education Association. He apparently is replacing Louis Rivera, whose job title was one of more than 40 abolished in May. The school board approved a new roster of administrative titles the same night, but only a few have been filled and some only for the month of July. After Tuesday’s meeting, the board went back into executive session to discuss personnel. It is expected that next Tuesday’s meeting will include numerous personnel assignments.

The title of “Coordinator, Community Engagement, Public Information & Marketing” is one that has not been filled through board action. Could somebody have jumped the gun?

I made a chart of all the titles and filled in names as they received board approval. The wholesale change of titles and personnel is very hard to keep track of, even for a retiree with lots of time. I don’t know how school staff is doing it. Two new assistant superintendent positions are on the list, one for administrative services and one foe educational services. Maybe those names will be revealed next Tuesday as well.

The meeting next week is at Washington Community School, a bit of a trek at night for this writer. I am strategizing on how to attend. Plainfield has a relatively high walkability score, but even public safety officials caution me about walking home from a meeting late at night. If the agenda is available over the weekend and if personnel resolutions are included, I will certainly do an advance article. Of course, there are often “walk-in” items at the last minute.

The sooner all administrators are in place, the better. Job insecurity is a serious deterrent to embracing the new regime.

--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is to the undereducated BOE members:

Start opening up a few books, take a few classes, and increase your knowledge on education administrative policy and practices. Dr. Gallon appears to not only have truly earned his letters, but is also very serious about his job and the mission he is undertaking.

Dr. Gallon is not from NJ, so the only horse he has in the race is his own.

BOE be afraid. Be very afraid.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bernice, Thanks for keeping us posted! I believe that this year is the last year for the teacher contract. If Eric Jones isn't heading the teacher's union who is? We can't have a long, drawn out contract stand still like last time. The teachers worked 2 years without a contract in place.

Hopefully Dr. Gallon will bring some professionalism to our district without being a bully. Hopefully he will inspire us and empower us to do better. Let the healing process begin!

1:56 PM  

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