Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Baseball League Seeks Support

Advocates of a youth baseball league expressed anger and frustration Monday with the way they claim Recreation Director Dave Wynn handled their concerns.

Parents, coaches and young people turned out at the City Council’s agenda session at Hubbard Middle School to press their demands, which include better upkeep of the baseball field, pay for coaches and keeping their group intact. Speakers said Wynn wants just one league, which would mean the Queen City Baseball League would have to merge with another.

Supporters of the league were incensed by a flier issued by the Recreation Division for baseball registration, as it did not allow for two leagues.

The Queen City group has 224 players and 42 volunteer coaches and has been successful in games with other leagues, supporters said, even though baseball is not as popular in the city as youth basketball and football.

The administration expects to go over the issues with league leaders and Wynn this week.

The impromptu airing of sports groups’ concerns has become a feature of recent agenda fixing sessions. Council President Rashid Burney acknowledged the presence of the group Monday and allowed numerous individuals to speak at length, delaying the start of the meeting.

--Bernice Paglia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

May I submit back pay vouchers for my many years of faithful backyard coaching ? I think this is a GREAT idea !!! [Plus I supplied a hub-cap for home plate.]


9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please note that the sport discussed is baseball without a corresponding softball league for girls, which meshes with the town's obsession with boys football, which doesn't even have the possibility of parity. Cheerleading does not count.

At last month's council meeting a group presented a proposal for artificial turf at Seidler Field. We've all seen similar fields installed in Westfield and Scotch Plains. But note that they are primarily soccer and lacrosse fields, and are used by both boys and girls of a wide age range.

If that's the plan for Plainfield I say good, let's do it. But if the field will have as it's primary tenants boys and men's football teams, including the semi-pro Wolves, then let them raise the money themselves.

And don't let the footballers tell you that they will share the field equitably. Anyone who's ever coached a secondary sport, like girls' anything, or special needs' anything, or little kids' anything, will tell you that you'll get the least convenient and shortest practice slots, and there's nothing that will change that here.

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The mayor and Wynn are trying to usurp what is already being done successfully without their help. The mayor actually has the nerve to say that she's going to take over the league. This is ridiculous. We know she can't govern or preside competently over the city, so why would anyone think that she could handle the baseball league? Remember, this is the crew (Robinson-Briggs and Wynn) that thinks that showing a sexual situations, violent, profanity-laced move about drag racing and auto theft (Fast and the Furious) is "family fun"--maybe if the family is named Manson, BArker, or Corleone!

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Crystal Smith said...

Hello Bernice,
I thought I saw you at the City Council meeting. Actually I was hoping that you would be there. Being a relatively new addition to Plainfield (if you call 11 years new) I was moved by comments made.
Our sons played baseball for PAL and then for QCBL. I remember calling Mr. Wynn two years ago to inquire about what parents were allowed to do to the field, i.e. paint, maintain the fields, lining the fields, raking the infield dirt, etc, and he was so combative and rude. I was so shocked to hear his tone and outright disdain for baseball and who was running it. It wasn't until I told him that if I were to get a letter from every parent who has had a less than professional run in with him he would be out of a job; THAT is when he calmed down.

Some people work so hard to get in a position of power, that once they get there, they forget where they came from or why they wanted to be there in the first place.

You have the chance to really be for the children, and he would rather divide and conquer instead of reach out and help something grow.
I don't want my children ending up with a coach who is only there for the extra pay check. Where QCBL goes, so will my family because they know what being a coach and being for the kids are all about.

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The very idea of Wynn trying to commander the QCBL is what upsets so many people. WHy can't the recreation dept. do what they're supposed to do in terms of maintaining fields? I think this is all about ego and we know that he and his mayor will try to take credit for what the parents, coaches and players in the league have been doing for years. I'm glad they see through this scheme. The mayor wants to put this on her list of "accomplishment," not accomplishments. Yes a single one after four years would be good. Now if the city is going to be involved they sure do need to abide by Title IX.

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plainfield PAL did include a softball program but it was very hard getting the girls out. Bev Shelton who ran the program and was my daughter's coach some years ago really got out there to recruit the girls but when she left the program died out. The girls who did play had to play with the boys.

Wynn developed his hatred for the baseball program after his own son aged out of it. Then baseball was treated like he treats all the other non profit youth programs.

The Mayor better recognize he is her achilles heel. There are too many parents and program organizers who have dealt with his arrogant nasty disposition. Isn't that kind of personality contrary to what a head of recreation should be? But the Mayor can't sing him enough praises. Hmmmm!!!!!

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Eileen Frazier said...

I too was a little appalled by the fact that the city is creating a new baseball league when they "did away" with it the one they had a couple of years ago. My husband and I volunteer to coach these kids and I would never even consider being paid for having a fun with the kids of this community. I feel that the paid coaches will not really dedicate themselves to the children. All they would be after is just another paycheck. We will not be moving over to the "new" baseball league that the city is establishing. My family loves it where we are now and we will not be going anywhere.

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am disappointed by the actions of the Mayor, City Council, and the Division of Recreation. Baseball in Plainfield has been virtually ignored for years. The field is unkempt, the bathrooms are filthy, etc. When the Queen City Baseball League (QCBL) was founded last summer, they did their best to make the Rock Ave fields presentable. Signage decorated the fences advertising league sponsors, and the bathrooms are in much better condition thanks to the coaches. Yes, the volunteer coaches have cleaned the restrooms....I know this because my husband is one! The players looked fabulous in their uniforms and true sportsmanship was taught and valued. Parents and coaches were very satisfied this year and most importantly, the children had fun and learned the game of baseball. The Mayor and her crew obviously had a problem with this. Instead of being proud of a successful league in the City of Plainfield and supporting it, she seeks to destroy it because she didn't have a hand in building it. This is simply pitiful and a testament to the type of leadership that continues to exist in Plainfield. Shame on the Mayor! I hope residents will remember this on November 3rd on Election Day.

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's get one thing straight Dave is the Superintendent NOT the Director.......

Let's take it back to the good book - charity begins at home if your home is not in order neither will anything else. Everything Dave touches becomes sour. Let's look at some of his programs; the 4th of July every year it gets so bad, you just want to stay home and watch the Christmas Story. We had the fireworks 2 days before the 4th of July when you only a handful of people in attendance. The family night another bad attendance and even had the nerve to be selling t-shirts for $10 and was told that the funds were going to be used for X-Mas toys; when the toys are donated by the Salvation Army. He is always trying to get over! When will this monster be stopped? And by monster I mean Dave Wynn.

4:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Real Plainfield People: It's a downright disgrace, shameful, appalling and any other adjective you can think of to describe the conduct and behavior of both the mayor and Dave Wynn. To hinder and stifle a wonderful league like Queen City Baseball League is atrocious. The mayor should be impeached and Wynn fired. Misconduct charges filed and the violators brought to justice. Go Queen City Baseball League!!!!!! I'm a parent and my children will be involved in your league for 3 more years. Hopefully, After those 3 years, your program will have grown and prospered so that we can have a league for the older kids that's just like yours!!!! See you next season. Believe that.

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It really shows how hateful dave wynn is. By taking the money that used to be disbursed to all the major non profit youth programs and keep it for his own payback baseball league really speaks clearly. All those programs that received the funding have so many more children enrolled than any of the rec programs except maybe basketball and even that enrollment is shrinking. One of the council members asked if QCBL could share with rec. WHY SHOULD THEY HAVE TO! Someone said they didn't want to talk about the "personal" aspect of this situation. Well if you hide your head in the sand because you don't want to hear how it is personal then you don't really want to address the true issue. With dave wynn everything is PERSONAL!
Where's Jerry Green on this? Since the Mayor can't control wynn, can Jerry?!

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone please explain to me how there can be two successful baseball leagues in a time when it is difficult to get minority to children to even want to play baseball? QCLB was able to do that and successfully. My son played this year and I was so impressed with the coaches interest in his learning the sport and being a respectful young man that I immediately became a volunteer. Coaches, players and parents were family. Our children were exposed to playing teams from other towns and different divisions. They were taught the fundamentals and how to be a team player, win or lose.
If Dave Wynn or department of recreation was willing to work with us, why not call our leaders and ask for a meeting to see how that could be done. Instead we get a flyer through our children at school asking us to register them for the upcoming season at the same time we are in the process of registering for QCLB. What does Dave Wynn's program have to offer my child academcially? QCBL is in the process of starting a tutoring program that will help prepare our boys and girls (yes we have girls) prepare the their state testing while playing baseball. In the process of raising my older children and volunteering for baseball, basketball, football and cheerleading, I have never heard of coaches being paid to work with the youth. When we except volunteers who also volunteer for a background check, we know that they are their for the children. As for my and my child we are sticking it out with QCBL.

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I think it is terrible that Dave Wynn is being a so back stad]bbing. How and why pay coaches to do what I once thought was to teach our children to have fun with the game of basebball. My husband has been a commissioner for many years and loves the game and I have been assistant coach and what time or another. Mayor briggs you need to wake up and see that once agian you are being use as a puppet. I will be staying with QCBL all the way. I would never want to be apart of selling my soul to the devil. Please send a message to him and tell him no way.

10:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This just another way for the mayor to get votes. She feels if she pulls something that they people have grown to love to her then with it she will pull the people. Sorry Mayor Briggs, that's not how it works. The QCBL has been doing well without you. My child has played with Coach Jamar and Eileen and they were the most understand and compassionate coaches that someone could ask for. How dare you try to come in and take over something that obviously not to long ago you and the department of recreation wanted nothing to do with. WOW!! Its amazing what election time can do to people... It was a mistake when they let you in the first time. Hope it doesn't happen again. Like the old phrase says...If it ain't broke dont fix it. Wish I could say that for your run as mayor.

12:00 AM  
Anonymous Karen Glencamp-Daniel said...


Here is a brief history of baseball in Plainfield. In 1991 Pony League Baseball was instituted for boys 13-15 years. In 1993, P-CAL assumed the sponsorship of Little League Baseball, for ages 8-12, formerly under the Kiwanis Club and added Tee Ball for ages 5-7 under the name of Plainfield Babe Ruth Baseball. In 1995, the girl’s softball component was added to complete the baseball program. Later PAL renamed the little league program “Plainfield Pal Baseball & Softball League”. The baseball program has produced State Champions for three consecutive years and garnered numerous other local championships. This program boasts an enrollment of over 400 children for boys and girls ages 5-17. This is one of the largest athletic programs in the city for a private organization. In 2002, a Fall Ball team was established to continue baseball opportunities for players who want to continue to develop their baseball skills. This grew to three teams as the interest built in the community.

In 1997, Nancy Jordan, League Treasurer began employment with the City’s Recreation Division at the recruitment of David Wynn, League Equipment Manager who assumed the role of Superintendent after the passing of the late Stephen Jordan, Sr. This employment opportunity afforded PAL’s baseball program to conduct much of its business in the Recreation office such as coach’s meetings and registration sign ups. This however, caused much confusion in the community with the appearance and misconception that baseball was a Recreation sponsored program.

In June of 2008, Plainfield PAL decided to restructure the organization. As of October 2008, PAL divested its interest in the track and baseball programs. Track remained intact as Tsunami Track Club forming their own 501c3 status and the baseball program with the remaining PAL baseball staff created the Queen City Baseball League. A smooth transition was conducted with both programs. They were provided with start up funding received from the Kids Trust Grant through the Recreation Division, any balance of funds raised by their programs and any other assistance needed so they could continue serving the children of Plainfield without interruption.

4:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My son has been playing in the baseball league for 4 years now and with the QCBL for the past year. This past year with QCBL has been much more organized than any of the other years he has played. My son loves baseball as one of his sports and he loves the volunteer coaches that is molding him for greatness in the sport. We will continue to support QCBL all the way and to hell with Mr. Wynn AND the mayor. I will say one thing, after all of this, if the mayor is asked to come to our opening day this season to throw out the first pitch, I will raise an eyebrow and not support that day.

Also, a note about the 4th of July parade...I am 36 yrs old and was born and raised in Plainfield. When I was a child the highlight of the summer in Plainfield was ALWAYS the 4th of July parade. I couldn't wait to share that occassion with my own children. My family sits in the same area each year for many many years. In the almost 9 years my son have been on this earth, the 4th of July parade has gone downhill each year and that breaks my heart.
Dave Wynn must be stopped.....

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been involved for the past four season of baseball in Plainfield(three years with PALS and one year with QCBL), and last year with QCBL was the most organized and professional season! The coaches were awesome, the rules of the game were followed, true sportsmen like behavior was shown by everyone!!! I do not know if I will return to baseball in PLFD in it goes back to PALS/REC. Like someone stated before, If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!! I totally agree. Remember it is about the kids and teaching them the game, leadership and friendship. A couple of things we learned last year.... you practice how you play and if you play like a team, you win like a team! Some adults should take note. QCBL you ROCK!

2:18 PM  

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