Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Stink Bug is Here

Along with everything else going on in Plainfield, a new exotic insect is invading.

You may see these bugs on your windows or in your house in coming weeks. Don't step on them! The reason for their name is that they emit a big stink if crushed. A Rutgers Cooperative Extension fact sheet on the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug recommends vacuuming them up and releaseing them outdoors or disposing of the vacuum bag.

Click here to get the fact sheet.

After seeing several on a screen and window and verifying the bug's identity, I called the Union County office of the Rutgers Cooperative Extension to report its presence, as the fact sheet suggests. I had collected a couple in alcohol as the fact sheet advised, but the person I spoke to said they wanted live specimens. Either way, I couldn't take them to the office, so I just asked her to note my call.

The stink bug not only can damage fruit crops, but ornamentals and other food crops as well. Keep an eye out in the house and garden, and let the Rutgers Cooperative Extension know if you see some.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Opps - thought you were talking about the loyal Cristie operative currently working in Plainfield - It is an old ploy - called divide and conquer plan.

The British were masters at going in and diving the natives.

Looks like Cristie and buddies are trying to do the same.

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long time Plainfield resident, born here more than 60 years ago, Plainfielders need to release the rhetoric (sp) about party affiliations and concentrate more on what is good for the populace. Christe is not my first choice, but since he won the elecion against Lonegan (1st choice,), we should vote for the candidate that has the best interest for all NJ' eisans instead of partisant woting.

Yes, these critters have showed up on my doors and windows, thanks Plaintaker for identifying Natures creatures.

We need to do the same for our Elective Officials.

Take heed Plainfield, Mayor Green's choice is not the best for our fair village.

As soon as the stars are aligned for me, THE PLAN, relocate out of state of NJ. Remember:

MAN PLANS. . . GOD Mess up! (Not so old Jamacian Proverb

12:21 AM  

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